Diamant - Uomini Scarpe da Ballo 085-075-028 - Pelle Nero

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Diamant - Uomini Scarpe da Ballo 085-075-028 - Pelle Nero

Numero prodotto 085-075-028

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Asked on 14.04.2019

I have bought those shoes many times in Montréal with a 2.5 cm heel. Is it possible to order this model with a 2.5 cm heel and how much will it cost?
Is there a place where I can buy your shoes in Montréal, Canada?
Thank you and have a great day!
Yvon Vadnais


Hello! This model is only available with a 2 cm heel, we can ship them to Canada!

Asked on 22.09.2018

Hello! Is the size printed on the sole of the shoe the UK size or the US size? Thanks.


Hello! The UK size is printed on the sole.

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